Andi Eigenmann Apologizes to Erap and Jake Ejercito's Family

Andi Eigenmann Apologizes to Erap Jake Ejercito Parents
Kapamilya actress Andi Eigenmann apologized to the family of her rumored boyfriend Jake Ejercito including former president Erap Estrada after her mother Jaclyn Jose hinted in an interview that Jake's parents disapprove of the "A Secret Affair" actress for their son.

Below is excerpt of Andi Eigenmann's blog post:

Andi wrote, "In behalf of my mother, Id just like to apologize for certain things she might have said that mightve put certain people in a bad light. I know for a fact that it wasnt her intention at all. Maybe at that point, she too was only being a mom. Just as your parents would want whats best for you, she just wants the same for me, and this time Im guessing she just wanted to let others know that I deserve it too. (in her opinion that is). Im not angry at my mother, dont get me wrong. Besides the fact that Im not allowing myself to, cus i have respect for her, I also know that she couldnt have possibly done that to throw Jake and I under the bus on purpose."

She continued, "I just really hope Id be granted an opportunity to apologize personally, to show more sincerity than this blog post. But I guess this could be a good way to start. Maybe somehow Id be heard. Well just incase, here goes. I wouldnt have fallen in love with such a fine young man if not for the amazing parenst he has that surely raised him well. People who brought him up to be the smart, kind hearted, humble gentleman that he is. Therefore, I know for a fact that it will be wrong for all of you to judge his parents negatively just because they only want what’s best for him. Now that Im a mother myself, its easier for me to see the picture for their angle. Both from my mom’s and his. I may not be as experienced as they are, Maybe I have yet to gain even half the amount of wisdom they have, but what Im sure of is that both our parents will do anything just as long as we, the children, will never be put to harm. So just as a lot of you may understand my situation and believe that I still deserve to be loved and respected amidst what I have gone through, we should all understand that his parents only want the best for their son. I can attest to the fact that they do not have closed minds at all and that there maybe two sides to this story as well. I will do the honor of throwing myself under the bus, myself, by trying to speak on behalf of them too. The mistake I made in the past was not the fact that I have Ellie. It goes beyond that. Obviously, Ellie wouldnt have happened if her dad was out of the picture already. And then maybe Jake and I couldve lived happily ever after.. I trust that you guys be smart enough to figure that one out for yourselves."

You can read the complete blog post here.

Andi Eigenmann Apologizes to Erap and Jake Ejercito's Family